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Enterprise Project Management

Even the most industry-savvy organizations rarely have the time or the capacity to manage telecom projects - large or small - effectively.  With competing priorities and the day-to-day operational issues, it is hard to assign the right resources and keep them focused.  As a result, time and costs rise exponentially without the proper oversight, and many organizations find themselves in an atmosphere of vendor delays, extended schedules, contingency and risk mitigation, and even significant cost overruns.  Ultimately, organizations don't achieve their desired results, and end up with less than optimal deliverables.

KPM Enterprise Project Managers have the industry-knowledge and real world know-how to drive successful telecom projects and implementations to completion.  On time.  One target.  On budget.

At KPM Communications, we are fully committed to making your telecom projects work and freeing up your staff to do what they do best - keep your environment operating efficiently and effectively during the change.  Recognizing the telecom project bumps, potholes, and pitfalls, we have designed our Enterprise Project Management solutions to provide the exact services needed, staffed fully to make your projects work smarter, go smoother, and are driven to on-time completion.

How do we do it?  We leverage our extensive experience in managing a wide array of telecom projects.  Using proven methodologies and processes designed to keep telecom projects on track, our dedicated project team creates an environment of continuous communication, real-world scheduling, proven implementation, and post-project support that extends our clients' project success while reducing risk.

In short, KPM Communications handles the project from start to finish.  From back-end coordination to "in the trenches" risk mitigation and change management, we truly have only one goal in mind.  A flexible, cost-effective project where our clients and their vendor are in sync every step of the way.


Want to know more about our EPM Process?  Download our high level overview now!

Here are just a few of the provider solutions we've helped companies, like yours, implement:

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telecom focused



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Telecom System implementation management


Telecom carrier services, upgrades, relocation and new site coordination


Migration to cloud solutions

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