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This IDC white paper examines how companies are now competing based on customer experience, and how businesses can leverage interactions between customers and employees in a more contextually rich, integrated and intelligent manner.


With X Series, your business gets that competitive edge by integrating all your communications into one cloud platform, delivering smarter engagements that transform the customer experience.

How will X Series’ integrated approach help you improve customer-employee interactions?

  • Consolidating costly, disconnected, on-premise systems into one cloud communications platform.

  • Enabling one click from chat to voice to video.

  • Arming employees with the tools they need to communicate, collaborate and access the company’s most valuable data and subject-matter experts.

  • Providing full context with every customer interaction, helping improve the employee experience and deepen customer engagement.

By adopting one system of engagement for cloud voice, video, collaboration and contact center, and one system of intelligence on one cloud communications platform, businesses can now communicate faster and smarter, and exceed the speed of customer expectations.

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