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Regus and 8x8 – A Partnership in Global Business Growth

Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces, has chosen 8x8 as its cloud-based communications provider. 8x8 was selected for its innovative technology roadmap, global presence, business mobility, call quality and robust delivery features to help Regus effectively and securely run their worldwide communication and collaboration service.


Regus and 8x8 began the initial implementation of 8x8’s truly unified communications solution in late 2015. As of May, 2017, 8x8 has deployed approximately 20,000 UC seats to select Regus office centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. 8x8’s unified communications services are used in Regus office centers by on-site customers and employees, as well as remote workers in those regions. 8x8 also provides Virtual Contact Center services to Regus contact center agents in roughly 100 countries across six continents.

Andre Sharpe, Chief Information Officer and Head of Global Business Development at Regus, said, “By partnering with 8x8, we are able to offer our customers an innovative and cost effective communication and collaboration service. As a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, 8x8 was a natural choice to give our customers the level of quality and service they expect from Regus.”

Regus expands 8x8 services to 17 countries

In May 2017, Regus expanded 8x8’s contract for cloud-based unified communications (UC) services to add 13 new countries and a broader range of service options for Regus customers for a total of 17 countries.

“We have selected 8x8 as our preferred global partner for migrating the users in these additional markets to next-generation communications,” said Sharpe. “8x8’s services have been instrumental thus far in advancing our global communications and contact center initiatives, and we are pleased to extend our partnership for this next phase of our deployments.”

Advanced and reliable cloud communications

Prior to moving to the cloud, Regus was unable to offer a business phone service with key features such as mobility, multi-channel communications and presence-enabled directories. By selecting 8x8, Regus has ensured its customers have access to the most advanced enterprise communications tools to increase their business flexibility and productivity.

“We want to provide our hundreds of thousands of business customers that currently utilize our traditional on-premises voice services with access to the most reliable and advanced cloud-based communications services available, including mobile apps, messaging, web and video conferencing, collaboration and contact center,” said Sharpe.

Mobility and flexibility for Regus customers

With 8x8, Regus’ customers have access to world-class unified communications that allows them to have a continuous communications experience, with the ability to seamlessly switch from chat, messaging and voice while roaming across multiple networks, such as 3G/4G LTE and Wi-Fi. Additionally, Regus clients have the added flexibility to suit their personalized business needs, taking their communications service with them wherever they are in the world.

Bryan Martin, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of 8x8, said: “Regus’ commitment to workplace flexibility is bolstered by the capabilities of the 8x8 Communications Cloud. The combination of our open cloud platform with Regus’ information services and systems will enable automated, on-demand services to Regus clients worldwide.”

The Regus network includes almost 3,000 business centers, spanning almost 900 cities across 120 countries, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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